Discovering, interpreting and checking facts

Because research as well as technical and scientific development made it possible to create precious metal salts, finishing and plating baths, in different color shades to achieve the best quality and purity: Gold, Silver, Rhodium. And furthermore Ruthenium, Palladium and Platinum.

Acquiring, creating and employing knowledge, technologies and new instruments

Because investments improved the efficiency of the production system, strengthening our own as well as our partners’ and customers’ satisfaction.

Purity of raw materials comes first

Glasses, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, ceramics, glass and fashion accessories are only a few of the application fields involving the use of precious metal Salts. Their use increases their conductivity, their tolerance to corrosion, their resistance against wear and tear and esthetics.

Whenever we cannot find the solutions we want, we create them

Reliability and precision, flexibility and study in order to build up a solid cooperation with the goldsmithery and jewellery industry, the fashion industry, the electronic components industry, the dental alloys industry, the catalysts industry and the whole galvanic industry.

Our products

  • oro
  • Gold

  • Gold potassium cyanide
    68% - 68.3%
  • Gold tetrachloride
  • Gold sodium sulphite
    100 gr./liter
  • Gold ammonium sulphite
    100 gr./liter
  • argenti
  • Silver

  • Silver cyanide
    80,6% e 54 %
  • Silver oxide
    93,1 %
  • Silver nitrate
  • Anods

  • palladio
  • Palladium

  • Palladium chloride tetrammine
    100 gr./liter
  • Palladium sulphate

    powder 38-42%

  • Palladium chloride
  • Palladium nitrate
  • rodio
  • Rhodium

  • Rhodium sulphate
    • Bath Start-Up

      ( Rh S20 - S20 Plus )

    • Bath Replenish

      ( Rh S50 - S50 Plus )

    • Pen ( Rh P20)

      Black and White

  • Rhodium chloride
  • rutenio
  • Ruthenium

  • Ruthenium sulphamate
    50 gr./liter

    5 gr./liter


  • Ruthenium chloride
  • baths
  • Galvanic Baths

  • Plating and Finishing
  • Baths of copper and white bronze