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What is the circular economy? Prospects and opportunities for businesses

October 27, 2021

It is now a common notion that the circular economy is an interesting perspective, in particular with respect to the possibility of enhancing waste by reinserting it into production cycles. But it is not equally known that this prospect can become the engine for achieving innovative industrial performance with a high technological profile, as well as for “inventing” unprecedented operating sectors or generating new jobs.

Safimet spa is an industry that recovers precious metals from "scraps and waste": platinum, palladium and rhodium, but also silver and gold. And it produces salts for the galvanic industry.

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Together with Edizioni Ambiente - a leading editorial structure in environmental communication - Safimet is proposing a conference in Arezzo on 11 May to present the prospects and concrete opportunities offered by the circular economy to local institutions and businesses.

The aim of the meeting is to frame the new paradigm, from an economic, environmental and social point of view, but above all to highlight the tools available to companies today to qualify within their sector - as happened at Safimet - in as new interpreters of the circular economy.

Presenting the topic, in its general aspects and in its more concrete implications, will be, among others, Simona Bonafè, first speaker at the European Parliament of the package of directives on the circular economy, Federica Fratoni, Councilor for the Environment of the Tuscany Region and Paola Ficco, lawyer and jurist, expert in environmental legislation and Director of the “Rivista Rifiuti - Bulletin of normative information”.

The meeting will be divided into four sections:

  • Institutional greetings and Safimet positioning presentation
  • The strategic aspects: what the circular economy is and how it works, in which markets does it become decisive, with what prospects for sustainability and development
  • The economic aspects: what are the main trends and possible competitive advantages related to innovation
  • Regulatory aspects: obligations and opportunities in the national context, with reference to waste management, green tenders and the qualification of industrial processes.

It will also be an opportunity for Martino Neri, President and co-founder of Safimet Spa, to present the company's industrial project as an initiative consistent with the criteria of the circular economy and open to technological and employment developments of great interest