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Recupero raffinazione

Recovery and Refining

Safimet specializes in the enhancement of exhausted pharmaceutical, industrial and automotive catalysts, as well as in the refining of gold, silver, dental and electronic waste (WEEE) and in the recovery of exhausted galvanic baths. The recovery and refining processes are carried out with extreme precision and speed.

Our recovery and refining services

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Fabien Esnault

Phone +33 770178224

E-mail esnault@safimet.com


Vadim Viricel

Phone +33 622563354

E-mail viricel@safimet.com

Latin America (LATAM)

Roberto Antichetti

Phone +55 11981492280

E-mail roberto.antichetti@safimet.com

Europe, India

Matteo Marchioro

Phone +39 0444659527

E-mail marchioro@safimet.com

Italy, Europe

Laura Sacconi

Phone +39 3332100752

E-mail laura.sacconi@safimet.com


Alberto Ricciardi

Phone +39 3331107281

E-mail alberto.ricciardi@safimet.com