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Safimet becomes a Benefit Corporation

February 20, 2023

Safimet, a pioneer in the recovery and refining of precious metals, announces the adoption of the status of "Benefit Company" , confirming its commitment to pursuing objectives of common benefit.

This important step was signed last November 2022, with the modification of the company’s statutes, marking the company's official entry into the world of benefit corporations.

The new configuration is part of the social path undertaken by Safimet towards environmental sustainability and responsibility. Now, as a Benefit Company, Safimet intends to strengthen its commitment through initiatives aiming at enhancing human capital, limiting the effects of climate change, promoting sustainable innovation and supporting third sector associations and entities.

“Safimet is the first Italian leading company, active in the field of recovery and refining of precious metals from waste of industrial processes and production of galvanic salts, to make this choice - declares Livio Serradura, Martino Neri and Francesco Ricciardi of Safimet's Board of Directors - The transformation into a Benefit Company, in fact, represents the natural evolutionary step of our strategy towards a responsible development of the territories. We are convinced that companies play a fundamental role in terms of environmental, social and governance responsibility: for this reason, with the new corporate structure, we intend to pursue specific objectives by operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards both internal and external stakeholders (including customers, territories and individuals). Furthermore, Safimet has formally established that part of its economic resources will be allocated by statutory provision to the promotion of such new objectives".

Protagonist of environmental and social sustainability initiatives, Safimet renews its objectives as ­­further developed and illustrated in the purposes of common benefit of the new statute :

1. Promotion of a conscious and sustainable way of conducting business activity , guaranteeing a collaborative and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.

2. Promotion of energy efficiency , with the aim of reducing consumption and emissions into the atmosphere.

3. Commitment to continuous innovation towards process sustainability , leveraging the adoption of the most innovative technologies available on the market.

4. Dissemination of a sustainable environmental culture

5. Development of a circular business model , promoting the efficiency and the reuse of materials along the entire supply chain, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030.